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Service applications open a few weeks before the start of each school semester. Our next application will open August 2021.

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Clients FAQ

Do I qualify to request a service?

We provide services for any on-campus student organization at USC, as well as private businesses in the Los Angeles community! However, we have a limited number or projects we can take on every semester, but we encourage you to apply and see if you're a good fit for our organization.

Does Innovative Design charge money?

No! We don’t charge our clients. All of our work is pro-bono. You can support our organization through our fundraisers.

How do I know if my request is incompatible?

We typically look for requests in the beginning of each semester that last the duration of 3-4 months, delivering our work at the end of the academic semester. If you're unsure if your request is compatible, submit a request and we'll discuss how we can make it work!