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November 4-5, 2021

Join Riptide, our fall national UX/UI competition!

Riptide Summit is a joint project between the entrepreneurial and design-focused student organizations at University of Southern California. In an immersive day-long summit, students explore the intersections of technology and design. Registration is open to any student with an .edu email.

April 24-25, 2022

Join CreateSC, our spring national UX/UI competition!

CreateSC is a 2-day designathon hosted by USC students. Participants form groups of 2-3 to design a solution to a relevant prompt regarding current social issues. Teams will present their final solution and their research through a deck to a set of industry judges.

Intro to Adobe XD

Colette Zhou and Josh Lu

Learn the basics of designing and prototyping with Adobe XD!

Launching a Publication

Haute Magazine

Learn the end-to-end process of launching a publication with Haute Magazine!

Intro to Lightroom

Jack Green and Christy Oh

Learn the basics of Lightroom techniques from Innovative Design at USC!